Indoors Is Best (dogs or cats)

You can take your cat for a walk using a harness or vest. Or you can build an enclosure where kitty can play outdoors in a safe place. Some of these enclosures will fit on a small apartment patio for urban cats.
Discuss additional vaccinations with your veterinarian if you choose to
do this.
Far less fun for most owners is when they allow their cat to go out-doors and kitty brings in a dead animal as a love offering. You can’t train a cat not to hunt—that’s just what cats do. On the other hand, if you live near woods and a mouse has gotten into your house—rather
foolish of the rodent when you have a live-in predator—kitty will, indeed, be exercising his hunting skills and dispatching the mouse post- haste. The same will happen if a bird or a moth accidentally flies in. If
your kitty is a good hunter, it won’t take him long to capture his prey.

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